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Best Places to Shop in Philadelphia – A Guide for Finding the Perfect Outfit for Any Occasion (Click to see more)

Best Places to Shop in Philadelphia – A Guide for Finding the Perfect Outfit for Any Occasion (Click to see more)

It's no secret that Center City Philadelphia has a TON of great shopping in the "fashion district" part of the neighborhood (i.e. Walnut Street, Chestnut Street, etc.) but where to find certain looks for specific occasions can be tricky. Below are my rounded up go-to favorite places shop in the city/what types of outfits I like them best for:

1.) Zara (Business/Tailored Going Out Wear) – Where else can you find pieces that are the perfect amount of chic & edgy?! I love Zara for any going out types of outfits or for corporate looks. I know the two are completely different, but both encompass the same vibe... tailored and sleek. Zara is an awesome place for blazers and tailored rompers.

Address: 1715 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103

2.) Bloomingdale’s Outlet (High-End Staple Pieces) – Although the inventory quantity may be lower than similar designer discount stores, the quality of the selection is amazing. Carrying high-end brands like Valentino, Stuart Weitzman, and many more how can you not love this place?! This is where I have found some of my favorite Marc Fisher booties and designer sunnies.

Address: 1650 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103 *Located on the second floor in One Liberty Place

3.) DFTI Boutique (Vacation Wear & Wedding Guest Dress Overload) – This is a perfect boutique to find bold dresses under $100 for formal events. DFTI also has a ton of trendy two piece sets as well as a plethora of statement earrings. *Pro Tip* See @dftiboutque Instagram page to stay up to date on when new shipments are coming in, as small sizes tend to go quickly.

Address: 2026 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103

4.) Free People (Flared Jeans, Bralets & Anything Boho) – While I love Free People year-round, I find myself in the store more frequently during the summer months, as it’s my favorite place for beachy going out looks. No matter what season it is though, Free People’s jeans are timeless. If you are looking for over-sized flares with the perfect amount of stretch under $80... this is your place!  

Address: 1625 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103

5.) Urban (Mom Jeans, Printed Bottoms & Crop Top Central) – If you are on the hunt for trendy new denim, Urban is a must. Their internal line BDG is home of the perfect mom jean fit. *Pro Tip* since Urban usually runs BDG jean sales frequently, wait until they have a buy one/get one 50% off deal to grab two different pairs for a lesser cost. In addition to the jean selection, there are always a ton of good individual pieces (i.e. floral skirt, plaid pants, etc.) that don’t require buying a full outfit for as they pair well with already existing plain items in your closet. *Pro Tip* go to the large clearance section on the second floor first which is usually full of discounted crops, jumpsuits, and dresses.

Address: 1627 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103

6.) South Moon Under (Bikinis/Out to Dinner Wear/Versatile Jewelry) – Great place if you are looking for a staple bikini or just want to splurge on a good quality trendy swimsuit for a vacation. South Moon Under also has great date night tops and occasion dresses for weddings, showers, or family functions.

Address: 1731 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103

7.) Nordstrom Rack (Shoes on Shoes on Shoes) – The Nordstrom Rack in Philadelphia is MASSIVE. With 3 floors full of designer goods, it’s almost nearly impossible to not get lost shopping for hours in this place. My favorite section is definitely the shoe department which is located on the third floor. Since the Philly Nordstrom Rack is stocked, there’s usually a good amount of Tory Burch sandals and heels. For all those with a smaller shoe size like myself, they also have a wide variety of Vince Camuto and Sam Edelman in the 5 ½ - 6 section!

Address: 1700 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103

8.) H&M (Balling on a Budget Outfits) – There are actually two different H&M locations in Philadelphia, but my favorite one to shop at is the larger one because they have more inventory (see address below). H&M is great for plain pieces that can be paired with already existing items in your wardrobe. *Pro Tip* mix in H&M wear with designer shoes and purses to create the ultimate luxury look for less.

Address: 1530 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103

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