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My Updated Saranghae Love Story (Click to see more)

My Updated Saranghae Love Story (Click to see more)

Saranghae Means I Love You #OurLoveStoryStartsNow

Skin Type

Growing up, I’ve always had great skin and was lucky enough to carry that trait into to my adult years.  Although my face has remained clear, I'm still a victim of random pimples from time to time, a bit of discoloration here and there, sensitivity, and dark circles under my eyes.  These things are obviously common for most of the general population, so for as long as I can remember I’ve lived by the philosophy that the best way to keep your skin clear is to just not touch it at all.  This theory is self-proclaimed of course, but somehow always worked for me.

Bad Habits


I never use foundation, don’t pick at the occasional pimple, and plot twist... BARELY WASH MY FACE.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Of course, I splash my face with soap and water every morning in the shower, but that’s where it ends.  At night, I typically accidentally pass out with a full face of makeup on from earlier that day.  With clearly little to no maintenance, I surprisingly have been fortunate enough to continuously have clear skin throughout my life.  When I decided with collaborate with Saranghae I was curious to see what my results would be, and wondered if I could actually follow through with a 5 step routine daily.


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After consistently using Saranghae's 5 Step Routine for the past 6 months my viewpoint completely changed.  Even with my skin only having minor issues, the difference that this regiment makes is astonishing, so much that I remember to use it EVERY SINGLE DAY.  For some people that may not seem like a big deal, but for someone like myself who is constantly on the go or spending weekends out of town, it takes a lot to keep up with any type of routine.  I've been following the 5 step routine daily not just because I want to write an accurate review, but more so because of the way it makes me feel.  Since using Saranghae my dark circles have minimized dramatically, my discoloring has subsided, and my face looks more hydrated than ever.

Purpose of Story

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What's the point of my love story you ask?  Being completely transparent, I was skeptical when beginning this journey, as I did not think a skincare product would change my life as much as it already has.  The minor facial issues that I pushed aside before immediately dispersed, so much to the point where it gave me enough confidence to go out without makeup.  I know that doesn't say much for someone with clear skin, but if you know me you understand how everyday starts with a good contour and an abundance of products from Sephora.  On days when I want to give my face a break I can now do so confidently.  If your face has more than just dark circles and red spots, no need to worry because Saranghae formulated products into one routine that is designed for all skin types.  Saranghae actually specifically outlines how you should approach the routine depending on the individual.  With a sensitive skin type (like myself), I was recommend the following phases. 

Phase 1: Day 1 to Day 7

Your skin is unique to you.  The first phase is to understand the routine that is right for you.  Use the full 5 step system 1x a day - morning only as outlined by directions on how to use every step below

Phase 2: Day 8 to Day 14

At this point your skin may be ready for a little more love.   You can start using the routine 2X a day, morning and night EXCEPT for the Focus Renewal Eye Cream.  Apply our Eye Cream only in the morning.

Phase 3: Day 15+

If you find that your skin is starting to perform, please keep using it 2X a day - morning and night.  If you find that 2X a day is a bit too much for your skin, scale your routine back down to 1X a day (mornings only)

Saranghae 5 Step Skincare Routine Talk Through & Demonstration Video   

My Personal Love Story with Saranghae (Click to see more)

My Personal Love Story with Saranghae (Click to see more)