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Picking out the Perfect Present for your BFF (Click to see more)

Picking out the Perfect Present for your BFF (Click to see more)

Finding the perfect Xmas gift for you BFF can be stressful, especially if you are tight on funds around the holidays. Sometimes a gift card can feel too impersonal, but the thought of venturing to a mall filled with crazy shoppers seems like a worse alternative. Below are some gift giving tips & price conscious present ideas to help make things a little easier:

  1. Go with a Plan: Its common to stress when picking out presents, so defaulting to gift cards becomes a safe option. If you have a clear objective though, the process is suddenly simplified via online or in stores. When selecting the exact item(s) to purchase, I try to incorporate the following - 

    1. Something Useful

      Sure, it may seem like the over-sized faux fur earmuffs are super trendy, but would your bestie actually wear them? There is nothing worse than a gift that goes unused. It not only feels like a waste of time and energy, but money as well. So to avoid that, look for articles that are both cute and practical for everyday life (ex: lace tights, roll-on perfume, designer umbrella, etc.)

    2. Something Meaningful

      This could be something that reminds you of them or that they love (ex: colors or prints they typically wear, jewelry incorporating their initial or birthstone, a card from a show you both binge integrated into the gift wrapping, etc.)

    3. Something You Wouldn’t Buy Yourself

      Things that you would obviously want, but don’t prioritize to spend money on (ex: cute pajamas, designer key chain, passport/luggage tag, pretty gym tote, etc.)

    4. Something You Would Actually Want Yourself

      The best way to determine if a present is worthy is quite simple, pick out something that you would want to receive. I know that this seems a bit obvious, but it’s my silly way of always making sure the gift I’m giving is up to par. If you wouldn’t want it, why would your BFF?

  2. Budget: Think of how much you are able to spend before you start shopping. This way your eye won’t wander to items that are out of your comfort range. It’s easy to become intrigued with flash sales and gift sets but keep your eye on the prize and don’t break the bank. It is the thought that matters at the end of the day.

  3. Be Thoughtful: Obviously if you are buying a Christmas present for your best friend, they are a special person in your life. Although you may see a million things that they would like, take the extra time (before heading to shop) to come up with a gift idea that checks all of their boxes.

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