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Secret to Success - Plan Your 2019 in Style (Click to see more)

Secret to Success - Plan Your 2019 in Style (Click to see more)

ATTENTION ALL FELLOW PLANNER LOVERS …. this one’s for you. With a new year comes new goals, resolutions, and a fresh slate to conquer a whole new 365 days. It’s important to start the year off right with set intentions. Having a planner is the key to achieving goals by holding yourself accountable to complete each task. Even in an advanced digital society, there is something so self rewarding in manually crossing to-dos off of a list.

Where to get Cute Planners for 2019


Papersource has a great selection of planners with different types of calendar set ups and individual day spacing to find what fits best with your lifestyle. In addition to their super cute 2019 yearly selection, they also have a productivity planner for those who need help with time management!


I stumbled upon Ban.do while shopping at Papersource. I seemed to be drawn to the same aesthetic of planners, only to find out that they were all from the same brand, Ban.do! After discovering this cool company, I checked out their website and saw that they had a plethora of even more trendy planners with inspiration quotes inside, trendy stickers, and the best aesthetic.

Plum Paper

Personalize your own through the Plum Paper website. Plum Paper offers a wide variety of backgrounds, fonts, and size to curate the perfect planner designer . Select one of the planner add on options and instantly create organization for bills, blogs, and business.

NYE Outfit Ideas (Click to see more)

NYE Outfit Ideas (Click to see more)